Downsizing E-Course

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Downsizing E-Course

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Registration for Jun-Jul Downsizing E-Course closes Friday, June 6 so that participants can get started on their first lesson and challenge! Claim your spot today!

Sign up with an accountability buddy and you both get $10 off when you sign up and additional incentives for completing your Challenges.

What if were surrounded only by the things and people you love best? What if you had just the right amount of stuff and liked it all? What if you were cheered on throughout your downsizing process?

If you're ready to take a good look at your stuff, this e-course is for you. We'll address our relationship with stuff, discuss needs and wants to figure out what really matters, set priorities, and evaluate our possessions. We'll identify old habits and clutter magnets and tackle problem areas in our homes. Then we'll develop organizational systems and new habits to reduce clutter. And the best part is you'll get to do this with the encouragement of other people who are embarking on a similar journey.

In this seven-week series, we'll cover everything from keeping track of our keys to developing a wardrobe of clothes we love. This seven-week e-course will include a weekly lesson, a weekly challenge, and a weekly check-in with your fellow downsizers. Check-ins are Sunday evenings at 5pm PST (6PM MST/7PM CST/8PM EST).

The June course begins on June 18 and runs through July 30.

Please note, the reading materials for this course's lessons will cost approximately $30 if you purchase them. They're great books and I still have them on my e-reader. Of course, you're encouraged to check them out from your local library to save money and space. (See, less stuff!)