This year one of the things I'm thankful for is this delightful tiny house! I spent the holidays with dear friends in Corvallis and then hosted a couple friends for dinner on Friday evening.
Yesterday a friend whose occupation as an arborist provides good access wood chips, brought us a truckload of them. He and I spread them around the tiny house and around the raspberry patch, covering the muddy spots and creating nice paths. It was a beautiful cool sunny November day and it felt great to be working outside for a couple hours. The wood chips smell fantastic and I think now that the mud puddles are covered the house will be a little easier to keep tidy. I have a shoes off rule anyhow (I think that's necessary in a tiny house!) but this way I won't be tracking mud as far as the porch.

I've spent most of the last two days studying in my little window seat. Today I've enjoyed listening to the rain on the windowpanes and skylights. Other tiny house dwellers have remarked about how great it is to be more tuned into the weather and I thoroughly agree. It feels so cozy in here on a blustery day!