Picking Up Studs on Valentine's Day

Salvaged Lumber Jane and I spent Valentine's evening picking up a whole truckload of studs!

If that doesn't sound sexy to you, you must not be as in love with tiny houses as we are.

A friend of Jane's told her a couple of days ago that he had piles of two-by-fours of various lengths that she could have for the tiny house if we would haul them away soon. We are still playing with layouts, but Jane has already decided that the house will be "stick built" (the walls will be framed in wood). So we knew we'd need dimensional lumber no matter how the design evolves. We decided it was too good an offer to pass up, so we decided to snag them now and store them until we are ready to start building. And fortunately, we've found a great place to store building materials!

We met Jane's friend at a warehouse downtown and figured out how to park the truck so that it could be loaded as we passed the lumber over the balcony from the second story. The studs had been used to frame up walls that were never rocked, taped, or mudded, so other than a few nail holes, they are in pretty good shape. It was hard to resist taking more than the little truck could handle. We just kept reminding ourselves that we could come back for more. We made another trip this afternoon and plan to make at least one more. Any that we don't use for the tiny house can be used for another project.

What a great score!