Tiny Barn Exterior Wrapping Up

Today marks three weeks since the tiny house build began. After a beehive-like first week of building, things quieted down in the second week as the roof framing, sheathing, and tar papering continued with a smaller crew. In week three the evolution has continued thanks to Jane and her talented friends. I've been busy the past two weeks with the start of a new school term so I've managed to do just few little things (installing hurricane ties for the roof rafters, deconstructing and then rebuilding the storage loft at the new and improved height, and prying up the subfloor so we can let the floor joists dry out). I discovered I really like using a palm nailer!

This week Jane's friend stained the beautiful leaded glass door and a friend of his installed it. An artist whose medium is woodworking, spent the past week in Portland applying his craft to the tiny house. I've been thoroughly impressed each evening I've stopped by on my way home to see the progress. In one week he finished the roof overhangs on the gambrel ends, installed the metal roof, trimmed out the windows and the corners, installed belly boards, hung the beveled siding, and installed shakes on the gambrels. He even carved a little lotus pattern into one of the shakes, adding an extra little touch of beauty. Thanks to his excellent craftspersonship, the house's exterior is buttoned (and nailed, screwed, and stapled) down (and up and sideways), waiting for us to resume with interior design and building.

I'm taking a break from the tiny house for the next week since I'm headed to Los Angeles for the national planning association conference and a visit with my sister. Jane has said she might take a break, too, to catch her breath before the next phase. Don't worry, we'll be back at it soon. In the meantime, I wanted to leave you all with some photos of the tiny house's progress.