Hammock Time!

hammock time We've had a rather convenient weather pattern of gray weekdays and sunny weekends. There's a joke around here when you have lovely days in the spring followed by another gray day. People start saying, "Don't worry. It will be back. We'll have another nice day in July or August!" It's enough to keep people hoping. Portland is like Seattle in that they don't get dolled up in their nicest weather very often but when they do they're beautiful and everyone gets outside to make the most of it. Glad I was able to soak up the sunshine while I did.

Today my friend Marti who was here for a contra dance festival came over for a picnic lunch

Happy May Day: Christmas catcus in bloom

(complete with lemonade!) Afterwards I hung my hammock up and lounged in it while I read a book for the paper that's due today. I've been enjoying reading on my kindle, especially after I figured out two tricks: 1) I can load my articles for school onto it, and 2) I can highlight and bookmark. It's especially nice for reading on transit or outside because I don't need to have a pen or a notepad with me. The pages don't rustle in the breeze, I don't get that funny ache in my hand from holding the book open, and all the paperwork I need is right there on my slim, portable reader.

In this lovely weather my Christmas Catcus finally decided to bloom. That is a nice May Day treat! I think it likes its new spot dangling from the tiny house's ceiling near the skylight.