A Tiny Move for a Tiny House

it's been a great parking spot for a tiny house A new tiny house is moving into the parking spot I've enjoyed for the past seven months, so the tiny house I'm living in is moving on down the road. Literally. I found a new parking spot just three blocks away, so tomorrow morning I'll be packing up my breakables, strapping down my shiftables, and unhooking my utilities. We'll open the gate, hook my tiny house up to a neighbor's 3/4 ton pick up truck, and move the tiny house three long blocks to a new spot where I'll live for the next two months. After that Britt's Bungalow is on its way back up to Olympia where it will be a vacation rental for the summer. It's a tiny tester for people interested in living in a tiny house (or just curious about them).

I feel so lucky to have been a long-term tester of Brit's Bungalow. It's totally Lina approved. I love it! And I've really enjoyed the spot I've been parked, too. Today I'm savoring the delights of this place: the bamboo grove, the clover patch, the chicken coop, the garden, the view through the tree tops, the covered bike parking. It's been a perfect parking spot for a tiny house.