Moving into an ADU

Three friends helped me move my belongings from the tiny house to My Summer Garden Cottage this morning. Most of my things fit in my friend’s Toyota Carolla, but it was great to have a truck for my super heavy latex mattress and my two dressers. a cozy lounge space with garden views

I had to run off to my Real Estate Construction class this afternoon so I haven’t had a chance to unpack and settle in, but I did some impromptu entertaining this evening anyhow. Ian and James, who are building a tiny house, came up to Cully this evening to sneak a peek at Brittany’s Bayside Bungalow before it goes back to Olympia (where it will be available as a tiny house rental). Ian and James also got to see the tiny house I’ve been building for Orange Splot and we hung out in the garden cottage to discuss tiny house design considerations. These guys are starting at the very beginning by building their own trailer. Now that’s starting from scratch!

I’m sad to see the tiny house go, but I think I’ll really enjoy living in a garden cottage this summer while building tiny houses down the street. Life’s been busy with my move, but my overwhelming emotion these days is gratitude!