A New Year in a New Home

Birthday Brunch I ended up sleeping twelve hours Saturday night after the tiny house move (see Tiny House on the Road), so I woke up completely refreshed on Sunday. I started out my 29th birthday in a brand new place. This seems fitting to me. I appreciate the change of scenery to accentuate the changes I’ve experienced over this past year. People have quit asking me on my birthday if I feel older yet. This year I do feel older. Older and wiser. I’ve learned a lot about myself this past year and I’m excited to see what the new year brings.

Even More Birthday Brunch

I celebrated with a splendid and leisurely brunch at my friends Jodi and Jeff’s house. Brunch Club is my new favorite thing about summer! I’m one of a dozen or so foodies taking turns serving a homemade gourmet brunch every couple weeks all summer long. We linger over it, taking our time, enjoying a slow food feast and savoring the conversation along with the fare. Our menu yesterday included savory crepes with lox, capers, and crème fresh, challah French toast with fresh berries and vanilla bean whipped cream, homemade bread with raspberry jam and foragers preserve, peach nectar with sparkling wine. For dessert – by the way, dessert after brunch may be the best invention ever – we had vanilla ice cream with shortbread and cherry compote. In case you’re not yet wiping away the drool, let me assure you that everything was scrumptious!

I spent the evening settling into My Summer Garden Cottage. I’ve recently decided to take on the 100 Things Challenge, so as I unpacked I began to make my inventory. My day was punctuated by phone calls, text messages, emails, and facebook notes from friends and family, which made me feel very beloved. I fell asleep a few minutes after getting off the phone with one of my five fabulous sisters. Thank you all for celebrating another revolution around the sun with me!