My Kitchen Cupboard

Drawing inspiration from several all-in-one kitchens I’ve seen on the tiny house blogs, I decided that I wanted a kitchen cupboard in the yurt that would contain everything I need to prepare, cook, and serve meals. So I found a TV cabinet for sale on Craigslist and was lucky enough to have the fella offer free delivery, too. A friend of mine helped move it into the yurt and I spent this evening setting up my kitchen. The kitchen cupboard is about the same height, width, and depth as my dressers are when stacked so these two pieces of furniture at the door create a sense of entry. In the space where the TV usually goes I have a microwave, a toaster oven, a cutting board, a couple of drawers full of kitchen gadgets, and a 2-gallon water jug with a spout. The drawers contain dishes for eating and serving, canned and boxed dry goods, and my cooking tools: 2 pots, a pressure cooker, an electric one-burner cook top, and an electric water kettle. Now let’s see… what’s for dinner?