Build it Tiny Workshop on Saturday, 11/10

PAD Tiny House Workshops Dee Williams's tiny house design and consulting company Portland Alternative Dwellings will be hosting a Build it Tiny Workshop on Saturday, November 10, 2012. I attended on of PAD's workshops in June of 2011 and it was a fantastic experience. If you're interested in tiny houses and would like to learn from a tiny house guru, I strongly recommend you attend!

Here's more info:

This workshop will focus on tiny house planning and design considerations and particularly on the 'sticky wickets' of code restrictions, insurance, wastewater/water, and siting. We’ll provide case studies, first-hand knowledge and an opportunity to learn from experts and pioneers in the Tiny House Movement. You’ll meet other like-minded tiny house enthusiasts and find out what they are dreaming up. We'll tour a tiny house in a pocket community after the workshop. The class size is limited, so sign up soon. For more information about PAD visit our website:

Saturday, November 10th 9am-4pm  (5:30-7pm Tiny House Tour) Historic Kenton Firehouse 2209 N. Schofield, Portland, OR 97217 Registration online: $175