A Plan for a Cozy New Year

Sleepy Head Raffi Last night the wind was whipping around my yurt, the bamboo scraping across the skylight, and I fell asleep trying to figure out a weatherization plan. I’d already done my best to heat myself up by drinking a nice warm cup of tea. I was snuggled under three layers of blankets and wearing a wool hat, an angora sweater, fleece pants, and wool socks. Amazingly, I was tired enough that I managed to drift off even though my mind was running through the possibilities.

My heater is already at full tilt so I don’t have the option of just turning it up. I realize that the cheapest and easiest thing to do would probably be to get another heater and plug it in. My utilities are included with my rent. But I hate the idea of wasting more electricity to heat such a small space. I’m also not sure my electricity supply could handle another heater. I trip the circuit every time I am cooking on my hot plate and try to heat something in the microwave or toaster oven at the same time. If I added another heater I probably wouldn’t have enough electricity for anything other than space heating. I know I’ll need to continue to manage the balance of ventilation and air sealing. I will continue to run my dehumidifier and to crack the vent during the day. But right now it’s so cold I have a hard time convincing myself to crack open the vent. I think if I can get it warmer in here the air will hold more moisture and it won’t be so uncomfortable.

So even though I don’t want to put too much money into weatherizing since this isn’t my place, I’m going to put my building science to work to try to make it a little cozier in here.  Weatherizing the Yurt is my project for this weekend. Wish me luck!