Well, Hello, Tiny Housers!

Two days ago I received a plethora of Facebook requests from people I haven't met yet. That seemed odd, so I checked my blog and realized that the Sightline & Grist on Living Large in Small Spaces article that Alyse Nelson wrote last December was picked up by the Tiny House Blog. All of the sudden This Is The Little Life had lots and lots of visitors! (Those of you who sent friend requests, hang tight. I'm working on it! This was the last week of classes for Winter Term and finals are next week.)

If you're new to This Is the Little Life, welcome. My post A Year of Little Living is chock full of links to other posts which will give you a sense of all the adventures the Little Life has taken me on in the past year and a half. Here are a few of my favorite posts:

Please note that you can subscribe to receive blog posts. Those of you who subscribed in the past couple of days received a batch of updates this evening. One of the casualties of not having internet in my yurt is that I'm better at writing blog posts than I am at actually getting them posted. I like writing - whether it's blog posts or journal entries - during tweelight (the morning equivalent of twilight - the silky-blue morning time when the bird start tweeting). It's so nice to sit with my thoughts, my kitty cat on my lap, right as the world is waking up. Without an internet connection I can't post right then and start finding out what all of you are up to either. But I love that quiet time. Anyhow, that's why sometimes you'll receive notifications in batches. I recognize this is not ideal, but remember you can spread out reading them, too!

If you haven't yet, be sure to check out the cool businesses I've partnered with: Portland Alternative DwellingsUrbaNest NW, and Orange Splot. And if you'd like to be part of our tiny house community join the Portland Tiny Houses facebook group and the Tiny House Network google group. Cheers!