Housesitting the Tiny Barn

This week I'm Coming Full Circle... and Moving Forward. It's been fun the past couple days to housesit for a friend of mine and stay in the Tiny Barn. A year and a half ago I helped the owner talk through some Tiny House Floorplan Considerations and dream up a design (which, of course, changed quite a bit once we got to building!) Soon we were Seeking: Everything But the Kitchen Sink, so along the way I helped her boneyard materials, which involved Picking Up Studs on Valentine's Day and Successful Window Shopping. Over spring break I helped her and a group of other friends construct the shell of the Tiny Barn in a week-long build blitz, which I chronicled here on my blog:

Then I ducked out of the building and focused back on my masters degree in urban planning while the tiny homeowner and her talented friends finished up the wee guest house. I shared a couple updates here:

So it's a treat now to get to see what it's like to be inside the space now that it's finished. I really do love the layout of this little house!

The generous porch is big enough to really use, unlike the Shrinky Dink Porch I was living with when I lived in this location. To make it even better, the leaded glass doors spill rainbows into the space, which is lovely!

The galley kitchen under the loft is also very spacious and great for cooking up a tasty feast with a 2 burner propane cooktop, a propane oven, and the biggest little fridge I've ever seen in a tiny house. The bathroom is at the back with a shower and room for a bucket toilet (though this house doesn't have one, so when someone stays in this little guest house they use the toilet in the main house.)

The gambrel roof that emerged on Day 5 of the build blitz when the Tiny Barn took shape creates an enormous amount of space in the sleeping loft. There's even enough room that the storage loft over the window seat could probably be used as another sleeping space - as long as the person using it wasn't squirmy!

But without a doubt, my favorite part is the window seat, which runs the short length of the house and overlooks the garden. This is such a great place to hunker down with a book and I've taken to sleeping here, too, since I'm planning a windowseat bed in my vardo.

It was a treat to get to housesit for the Tiny Barn for the week, especially since I was taking care of Caravan's Tiny Houses for the past week, too.