Tiny House Helpers

Love, Kellyn, Kenny, Lina & Angela My tiny house is now dried-in and I'm taking a break from building for a few weeks. This past weekend I made My Annual Pilgrimage to the Oregon Country Fair. This weekend I'm headed to Yestermorrow in Vermont to teach the two-week Tiny House Design-Build class.

My goal was to be dried in before these adventures began and I've managed to do it, thanks to the help of many wonderful people. I now have eighteen full days of work into my tiny house on wheels and let me assure you, I am incredibly grateful for my tiny house helpers! During these work parties we’ve done the following:

There are already 23 people who have contributed to my wee house in some way. I’m so grateful that my community has rallied around The Lucky Penny!

If you’d like to join in on the fun, please contact me. If you can’t make it out to help, but you’d like to Support the Lucky Penny, you can contribute via The Lucky Penny Wish List or send me notes of encouragement on Facebook. Thanks everyone!