Living in the Lucky Penny

Skylight View from Bed This past weekend was Memorial Day Weekend, which marks the one-year anniversary of the build blitz that kicked off my tiny house build, including: My SIPs Wall Raising, My Tiny House Air Barrier, and my Vardo Rafter Raising. So I've been reflecting a lot recently on the past year and all it has brought me and taught me.

This morning, waking up in my charming lil' house, The Lucky Penny, I marveled (as usual) at the way the light streams in sideways in the morning and how lovely the tree is through the skylight overhead. And I also got to thinking that I miss writing about living little. Most of my blog posts recently have been about workshops and events rather than about my own experiences living in small spaces. And while the events are exciting, the reason I'm teaching workshops and hosting events about small space stuff is because I so love living little that I want to give others the chance to learn how! And the reason I blog is because I find writing helps me reflect on and appreciate the little joys and simple pleasures.

Raffi Window Gazing

Part of the reason I haven't been blogging as much recently is that I've been keeping busy between working full-time for The Breathe Building and doing consultations, design work, and workshops on the side. I also have a bunch of pending posts lingering from my build so it seems out of order to start talking about actually living in The Lucky Penny. But I figure, that's just silly, right? Now that we've gone through Lucky Penny's Public Debut, people know about the Lucky Penny and they've seen how pretty she is. They have questions about what it's like being inside. (By the way, she seems to be pretty popular as she caught the attention of Tiny House Swoon, Tree Hugger, Small and Tiny Home Ideas, and Shelter Blog!)

Morning Light & Air Plants

So I may as well go ahead and tell you how splendid it is to live little in this sweet space. I'll still share more about the build because people keep asking how I built my pull out bed and where my cabinets came from, but also stay tuned for blog posts about things like:

  • My Quintuple-Duty Mud Room
  • Cooking in the Lucky Penny
  • My New and Improved Chiller Box
  • My Pull-Out Bed
  • A Place for Everything

I'm looking forward to sharing more about my home, sweet home with you! I've just created a FAQ page. If there are particular things you'd like to learn more about, please share them in the comments there. Thanks!