A Tiny Announcement from Lina & Isha

Now that the Meyerhofer's Tiny House, Cilantro Poncho, has sprung to life in Tucson, AZ through last week's build blitz, Isha and I have decided it's time to make a tiny announcement of our own.

As many of you know, last summer I fell in love with The Guy Next Door. For the past nine months Isha and I have been living in his and hers tiny houses at Simply Home Community

Now Isha and I are expecting... that our baby will be here with us in about 9 months. And yes, we already know what it's going to be!

We're making a Tiny For Two!

We're affectionately referring to it as T42 or "tea for two" for the time being, though like most expectant parents, we're still considering names.

just consider this photo the ultrasound image for our new tiny house

This is, of course, what sometimes happens after a bad case of Trailer Lust.

Isha and I placed the order a couple weeks ago for our 24' PAD Series Tiny House Trailer from Iron Eagle Trailers in Fairview, OR. (Yes, we even know how big it's going to be when it arrives. In fact, we were specific about that!) Rob built the trailer for my vardo, The Lucky Penny, so we know it's going to be a great foundation for our new little house. The trailer should be ready by the end of March and we'll begin building in April. We're deep in the design phase right now and we're looking forward to revealing the design soon. We've been Window Shopping Again and looking forward to Ordering Our Tiny House SIPs Kit. If you'd like to help out with the build, please get in touch.

Stay tuned for more! We're rather giddy and excited to share our new little house with you!