bike lights

Sunshine, Ice Cream, Bike Lights & Everything That's Wonderful

fenders Today was utterly gorgeous. One of those February days that makes you feel like you’ve been resuscitated. After a long winter that first fresh breath of sunshine is just what we all need psychologically to remember that we can make it till spring. The yurt warmed up quickly so I turned the heat off. I was tempted to open the windows, which I closed up after A Month in the Yurt, but I know this is just a tease. When the time comes to open the windows up again I’ll be ready for it!

I gave myself a break from my to do list. Instead I found myself taking care of things that make me feel content but that rarely make the to do list during a stressful week like the one I’d just finished up. Farewell mid-terms! I found myself cooking, doing a bit of spring cleaning, sorting my inbox, catching up with loved ones, and having conversations with perfect strangers. I suppose it’s silly that I still spent any time inside at all, but sometimes it feels so nice to putter about, putting everything into place in my Home, Sweet Yurt, while the sun streams in the skylight and the tunes blast from my little Makshift Stereo System. In the afternoon I headed to the Bike Hub, Portland State’s bike cooperative and installed fenders and light on my bike. I’d made it this long without fenders but any Portland bike commuter will tell you they’re necessary. I do believe they’re right. I had lights already, but they weren’t very powerful and I decided it was worthwhile to get some brighter ones.

Then I celebrated the sunshine by treating myself to ice cream. Raffi celebrated by lounging in a puddle of sunshine. What a lovely day!