sheath tiny house roof

Day 11: Roof Sheathing & Drawing Sets

Day 11 of Yestermorrow's Tiny House Design-Build course was our last building day since presentations will take place all day today. So most of us worked in the Hanger this morning and a handful of us were back there this afternoon so that we could finish up as much of the roof sheathing as possible. Meanwhile, the studio was abuzz with model making and drawing as everyone refined their work for their final presentations. (See more photos in the Day 11 Slideshow.)

Down in the Hanger, Laura and Lizabeth worked out the sheathing for the gable ends and got them buttoned up. Whitney laid the floor of the storage loft. OJ, Laura, and Annika attached the hurricane ties which connect the rafters to the walls. Cate cut additional sheathing and did a happy dance when Patti complained she couldn't figure out which side was the factory edge. Whitney, Patti, and I clambered around on the scaffolding, attaching sheathing to the rafters and getting those last rake rafters for the dormers secured in place.

With two weeks of working together under our (tool) belts, it was awesome to see how productive we were all able to be! Hooray for teamwork! At the end of the work day we all gathered up for a group photo.

Back in the studio in the evening everyone hunkered down at their drawing tables to pull their work together. It's been incredible watching everyone's designs evolve and there are so many downright brilliant ideas I am completely inspired all over again! As people piled up their drawings in neat little stacks and switched off their desk lamps they found their way down to the bonfire where we munched on goldfish crackers and burned the scrap wood we'd produced over the past two weeks of building.

I can't wait to see the presentations today. The anticipation makes this feel like Christmas morning!