vardo shingles

Tiny House Shingles

Front Shingles It was another gorgeous August weekend in Portland. Perfect for working on my tiny house. I spent it running errands, helping with a work party at Simply Home Community, and playing with siding and shingles for The Lucky Penny.

On Saturday Ashley Lane was my right hand woman. In the morning she helped me pick up my tansu, a beautiful Japanese storage cabinet that I'll use in my little house. And in the afternoon we hung shingles on the front of my house. I met Ashley Lane in a PAD Tiny House Basics workshop and then got to know much better when she took the Tiny House Design-Build class at Yestermorrow this summer. Next summer she and her partner plan to build their own little house (inspired by the Minim House at Boneyard Studios). On Sunday Hanah came to lend me a hand. She and her sister are both interested in building their own tiny houses, so it was fun to hear about her tiny house dreams.

It's been fun to work alongside so many Tiny House Helpers this summer who have either built their own wee homes or plan to. It was also nice to work solo for part of the weekend. I've hosted so many work parties that it was nice to have a few hours all to myself to figure out next steps and savor the sensations of building at Green Anchors on a beautiful summer day.

door over the tongue, before porch

When I worked on my Tiny House Trim & Siding back in June I put up my first row of half rounds and arrows to make circles with my shingles. I was thinking about doing this the whole way up, but I decided it would be overkill. So instead I decided to make the rounds an accent by alternating them with rows of raked shingles. I think the effect is quite lovely!

Now that My Flip-Up Front Porch is done, we were able to position the ladders right on it for shingle hanging. How convenient! Hanging shingles (especially when you're jigging out for A Beautiful Arched Door and My Arched Rafters) takes some puzzling. And I do enjoy puzzle piecing it together. I like the way I can feel that part of my brain working hard. But it's sure nice to be on the straights and just slip into the meditative practice of staining and hanging shingles!  (By the way, we're staining all six sides of each shingles before installing them because they will be less likely to cup and warp and they should hold up much longer this way. It takes forever, but hopefully they'll last forever, too!)

We didn't quite finish the shingles on the front of the house and, of course, there are three more sides of the house to shingle. But let me assure you, it's really rewarding to see my house begin to look like I've envisioned it!