Organize Your New Year: A 2-Part Decluttering Workshop

Are you sick of misplacing your keys? Tired of digging through the junk drawer in search of your scissors? Frustrated with having too many clothes and nothing to wear? If you’ve resolved to get organized in the New Year, this workshop is for you. We'll address our relationship with stuff, discuss needs and wants to figure out what really matters, set priorities, and evaluate our possessions. We'll identify old habits and clutter magnets and tackle problem areas in our homes. Then we'll develop organizational systems and new habits to reduce clutter. In this two-part series, we'll cover everything from keeping track of our keys to developing a wardrobe full of clothes we love.

This two-part series will be offered in Portland, OR on Monday from 6:30-9:00pm, on 01/06/13 and 01/20/13.

Here's what people are saying about Lina's Decluttering Workshops:

I felt supported on my personal decluttering journey.  The hands-on, interactive sorting exercise was brilliant since we applied theory into action right there on the spot. - Anita

"Yes, I will recommend it to any clutterers in and around Portland!" - Julie

"The highlight for me was the realization that I wasn't alone in my emotional attachments to items. The second part was finding out I could [secret tip you'll learn if you attend the workshop].  A fantastic technique I'm looking forward to using in the near future." -Jeff

One of the highlights for me was the open sharing.  The honesty. Also, the specific decluttering method and other tips are super helpful for me. I will totally recommend it. - Stacey 

I enjoyed the practical solutions and suggestions for where my "exiting" stuff may find a new home. I really enjoyed the bonding and camaraderie with the other workshop participants in sharing the common hurdles or challenges we often face when the process of letting stuff go. Made me feel like I'm not alone in wrestling with living more lightly. - Anita