Ready to get skilled up? Take a workshop so you have a right-hand woman to help you get started.

Ready to get skilled up? Take a workshop so you have a right-hand woman to help you get started.


I teach in-person workshops with two fabulous organizations:

All of the workshops we teach are interactive and empowering, providing you with the information and skills you need to move your project forward. We have options to fit your schedule and budget, ranging from 2-days to 2-weeks.

2018 Workshop offerings include:


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"Lina was consistently kind to everyone, and available for extra help. She went above and beyond to get information to us. I liked her creative ways of engaging students, like the exercises on the first night to the potty talk discussion. She had lots of information and talent to share and she did so in a kind, fun, effective way. A gem of a person, talented presenter, and creative designer and builder brimming with awesome ideas! So generous...." - 2017 Tiny House Design-Build Student

"Lina had the perfect amount of patience and positivity. Probably a little less experience than the other instructors in terms of building but thats only because of how much the others had. And it was actually a tremendous balance for this class because she knew so much more about tiny homes in particular, than the others. Her experience with actual tiny home living and building was the perfect compliment to the other instructors general design/build knowledge." - 2017 Tiny House Design-Build Student

"I felt like we hit the jackpot with this iteration of instructors being together. The amount of knowledge I was able to download from the 4 of them in 12 days is just incredible. They answered every question we threw at them, during every waking hour of every day. I felt the course length was appropriate, but I wish I could still have more time with the 4 of them to keep learning their thoughts and practices for their particular fields." - 2017 Tiny House Design-Build