Lina Menard


Niche is Lina Menard, a natural co-conspirator who has lived out her own questions around intentional living, less stuff, and happiness. She has resided in a travel trailer, yurt, backyard cottage and three (and counting) tiny houses on wheels. Rooted through a background in sustainable design-build and urban planning, Lina also has a penchant for experiential learning and healthy communities. She has found her niche nestled between small spaces, collaborative education, and community planning.

Current home: The Lucky Penny, her own tiny house on wheels, at Simply Home Community in Portland, OR.

Current adventure: Build blitz for the T42, a tiny home on wheels for two, in action at Green Anchors.


Having always felt safe and happy in small spaces, Lina’s journey is one of those inherently kinetic and natural ones. A keen interest in place-making began at an early age, and quickly grew into a dedication to creating sustainable communities. She has explored living in dozens of different places and has learned how to create home in each of them. Through consulting and teaching, Lina is able to share what she has learned, inspire the alternative housing dialogue, and explore how shrinking your footprint can expand your life.

She continues to synthesize her research and experiential learning through a systems view of the world of tiny homes, intentional living, and downsizing. Lina believes there is a way for everyone to find their place and participate in the movement. Want to know more? Read the whole story


  • Certificate in Sustainable Building & Design (Yestermorrow Design Build School, Warren, VT)
  • Masters of Urban & Regional Planning (Portland State University, Portland, OR)
  • Urban Design Certificate (Portland State University, Portland, OR)
  • Sustainable Building Adviser Certification (Spokane Community College, Spokane, WA)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA)

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